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Packing List

Boys Staters Should Bring Along:

  • Small, 1-1.5 inch three ring binder for program materials
  • Light jacket or hooded sweatshirt for evenings
  • Long pants for evening assemblies (jeans or khakis)
  • Usual shaving and toiletry articles, including soap and shampoo
  • Swimming suit and other light athletic clothing suitable for outdoor activities
  • Athletic shoes (NO SPIKES)
  • Clothing for team sports: in Basketball, Volleyball, Softball
  • Softball glove if you are interested in Softball
  • Towels
  • Blanket/sleeping bag (pillows and sheets will be provided)
  • Small fan (optional)
  • Spending money for Boys State store (optional - all expenses are covered)

Remember, any type of weapon is strictly banned from campus. Possessing a weapon will result in immediate dismissal from Boys State.