2013 Election Results

Simeon Toronto, Andover


2013 Boys Nation President: Simeon Toronto 

2013 Governor: Simeon Toronto (Federalist) 

 Lt. Governor: Tommy Wolfe

Secretary of State: David Pelligrini

Attorney General: Cody Goodchild

State Auditor: Brandon Fabel

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court: Jed Rothstein

Associate Justices: Trey Tollefson and Matt Shupe 


2013 Boys State Gubernatorial Candidates

Federalist Party: Simeon Toronto

Nationalist Party: Brian Hastings


2013 Boys State Mayors

  •  City of Anoka – Tyler Johnson
  •  City Of Austin – Tommy Wolfe
  •  City of Duluth – Simeon Toronto
  •  City of Hibbing – Steven Pfahning
  •  City of Mankato – Brian Hastings
  •  City of Minneapolis – Nick M. Rappe
  •  City of Moorhead – Thomas Djerf
  •  City of Rochester – Charlie Trochlil
  •  City of St. Cloud – Cory Jacques
  •  City of St. Paul – Sean Heaton
  •  City of St. Peter – Merrick Johnson
  •  City of Winona – Matt Barry 

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